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Tester & Power Electronics

Power Electronics

01 BH SYSTEM designs, produces, and supplies all kinds of power supplies used in controls, from high-capacity AC/DC switch mode power supplies for supplying power to controls to DC/DC converters with low capacities used to supply power to components in each board.
02 In addition, BH SYSTEM directly designs, manufactures and supplies drive modules with various ratings for driving magnetic actuators and charging capacitor banks.
03 BH SYSTEM can supply a wide range of power supplies and drive modules according to the user‘s specifications.

Tester for controls

01 Testers for controls are used to verify normal operation of recloser or load break switch control in the field, to perform on-site maintenance on these controls, or to simulate the function of MV switching equipment.
02 Testers not only can simulate the function of MV switching equipment, but also have built-in voltage and current sources for testing the operation of protective elements and fault detection.
03 It is designed with a sturdy structure that is easy to use and portable, and provides an intuitive user interface for easy use.

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