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The BR-10R/RN control is installed in combination with the recloser on MV overhead distribution lines. It is an integrated control device that performs various functions such as status monitoring and measurement of electrical quantities of distribution line, fault detection and line protection, status monitoring of the connected equipment, battery management, and communication for remote control.

It has an auxiliary DC supply and a separate installation space for user devices, which are not only easy to use and easy to connect, but can also enable reliable system operation and reduce costs when building automation systems.

When a fault occurs on the line, the automatic loop control scheme isolates faulty sections, and backfeeds the alternate source to healthy sections where the outage is in progress. Therefore, outage sections and duration can be minimized without any communication requirements.

Key Features


Used as a traditional recloser control installed on distribution lines or in substations to protect distribution lines.

Used as a recloser control to integrate reclosers into distribution automation systems.

Used as a recloser control for lines to which multiple sources are connected, including distributed energy resources.

Used as a recloser control in systems requiring automatic loop control scheme.

Used as a control for the recloser or circuit breaker in systems requiring load shedding to maintain power quality of distribution lines.

Used as a control for the fault interrupters that are installed on customer service lines or branch lines.


Realization of high reliable FDIR by performing more accurate and active protection operations to line faults.

Remote operation possible by integrating reclosers in distribution automation systems.

Establishment of comprehensive distribution line protection system possible through coordination among sectionalizers, load break switches, and reclosers.

Remarkably minimizes outage sections and duration due to faults through automatic loop control without communication.

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