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BR10-PR-27 Solid Dielectric Recloser

BR10-PR-38 Solid Dielectric Recloser

Reclosers are installed on MV overhead distribution lines, and they are divided into SF6 gas and solid insulated types depending on the insulating medium.

The BR10-PR series recloser has a built-in voltage sensor in each bushing of the pole and current sensor in the horizontal bushing to monitor distribution lines and performs line protection.

It not only guarantees mechanical durability and operational reliability by employing a bi-stable magnetic actuator, but also does not require any additional power to keep it open or closed.

Adopts field-proven vacuum interrupters for electrical and mechanical operation reliability.

All electronic components and related modules are housed in the enclosure of the control to ensure user safety, easy maintenance and operational reliability.


Ratings Gas insulated Solid Dielectric
17.5kV 27kV 38kV 27kV 38kV
Applicable Standard ANSI/IEEE Std. C37.60 IEC 62271-111
Rated Voltage (kV) 17.5 27 38 25.8, 27 38
Rated Current (A) 630 630, 800 800
Rated Frequency (Hz) 50/60 50/60 50/60
Rated short-time withstand Current (kA) 16/1sec 12.5/1sec,
Rated Making Current (kAp) 40 32.5, 40 40
Rated Power Frequency Withstand Voltage(kV) 50 60 70 60 70
Impulse Withstand Voltage(kV) 110 150 180 150 180
Mechanical Endurance(times) 10,000
Interrupting Medium SF6 gas Vacuum
Operating Mechanism Manual or Bi-stable Magnetic Actuator
Bushing Material Polymeric Insulator HCEP

Key Features


Used as a traditional protective device to protect distribution lines or substations.

Used as a protective device in systems requiring the automatic loop control scheme as well as line protective elements.

Used as a protective device in systems requiring the load shedding function to maintain constant power quality.

Used as a protective device for distributed energy resources connected to distribution lines.

Used as a circuit breaker to implement an automatic source transfer function to minimize outage durations for critical loads or customers.

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