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Load Break Switch


BR10-PMS series SF6 insulated LBS

BR10-SPMS series solid dielectric LBS

The BR10-PMS/SPMS series padmount load break switches are installed on MV underground distribution lines and are used to branch or sectionalize lines.

They are divided into SF6 gas insulated and solid dielectric types depending on insulating medium, and motorized and manually operated types according to operation method.

The motorized load break switch has built-in voltage and current sensors as standard to monitor the status of distribution lines and detect line faults.

They guarantee constant operating speed and stable opening and closing operations regardless of the operator or method of operation by adopting the spring toggle mechanism.

BR10-PMS series SF6 gas insulated switches.

- BR10-PMS series switches consist of 4 or 3 three-phase load break switches with three-phase gang operated three-position rotary puffer switches including the position of earth switch in the same tank.

BR10-SPMS series solid dielectric switches.

- Switch and bus bar connection assemblies made of solid dielectric material with metal ground plane - Contact of earth switch insulated with environmentally friendly insulating fluids interlocking with the main contacts composed of vacuum interrupter


Ratings BR10-PMS-25 BR10-SPMS-25
Applicable Standard IEC62271-103
Rated Voltage(kV) 25.8
Rated Current(A) 600
Rated Frequency(Hz) 60
Rated Short-time Withstand Current(kA) 12.5, 1sec
Rated Making Current(kAp) 32.5
Rated Power Frequency Withstand Voltage(kV) 60
Impulse Withstand Voltage(kV) 125
Operating Mechanism Manually Operated and/or Motorized
Configuration 3 or 4 Switched Ways
Electrical/Mechanical Endurance E3 and M2 Class
Endurance of Earth Contact 1,000 Operations and 2 Full Making Operations
Insulation Medium SF6 Gas Epoxy Resin or Silicone
Interrupting Medium SF6 Gas Vacuum

Key Features


Used as a padmount load break switch for line fault detection and remote operation in combination with the control with communication functions so that it can be integrated into distribution automation system.

Used as a padmount load break switch for backfeeding on underground open loop or radial distribution networks with multiple normally open points.

Used as a padmount load break switch to branch and sectionalize MV underground distribution lines.

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