Retrofit Project

Retrofit Project for legacy control

Main Functions

  • Main functions of the BR-10RN or the BR-10S/SN
    • Some features may be limited due to functions of existing Load Break Switches or Reclosers.

  • Electrical control output circuit suitable for driving mechanism of the existing Reclosers or Load Break Switches
  • Voltage or current input circuit suitable for voltage and current sensors of the existing Recloser or Load Break Switch
  • Power supply design and enough battery back-up time considering field condition
  • Installation frame for Round, Square pole, or lattice structure
  • Other requested functions by user


  • Retrofitting Reclosers operated without communication functions installed on substations or lines
  • For the existing reclosers without voltage sensors, the control for retrofitting can performs protection elements required voltages or voltage measurement with additional external voltage sensors.
  • For replacing Recloser controls that have reached the end of their life span or legacy controls


  • By reusing the current operating reclosers or Load Break Switches, it is able to save purchasing and installation cost.
  • Efficiency and reliability of operation increase through automation and additional protection elements

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