Fault Interrupter

Epoxy Insulated Fault Interrupter

The BR10-EFI Solid insulated Fault Interrupters are installed on customer sides and branch lines supplied power from distribution lines, or overhead lines connected to distributed power, and it is an eco-friendly fault interrupter to prevent faults from spreading to source sides.

  • The BR-10EFI Control is composed of automatic type built in communication function to integrate with automated system and manual type to perform only site protection. These controls are equipped with various TCC curves, direction protection elements, and varied operating modes.
  • The BR10-EFI can be operated in LBS mode, sectionalizer mode, and one-shot protection mode depending on the settings. Thus, it is a distribution protective equipment with high cost-efficient that makes distribution systems being operated properly depending on user’s management purpose in various line conditions.
  • As the BR10-EFI series fault interrupter reduces operating times of the recloser, it helps extend life span of equipment. In addition, it is a protective device for distribution lines that separates fault sections from systems and significantly reduce outage sections and times.