Electrical Control


Electrical Control for Disconnector


  • Electrical Control for Disconnector is installed on the backside of the 2nd bus of MTR of the 154kV or 345kV substation, and is used for local control and status checking of these Disconnectors and doing interface between Disconnector and devices with communication function for remote control, such as RTU. These Controls are analog type controls composed of only electrical circuits without a microprocessor.

Main Functions

  • Input Power: 125Vdc
  • Indicate the status of the Disconnector (Contact Position, Mechanical Lock, and two-Stage Gas Alarm)
  • Indicate voltage status for each phase
  • The control source selection switch (Local/Remote/SCADA)
  • Control the heater by humidity and temperature
  • Indicate the heater operation
  • Provide status and control signals to the FRTU for remote control


  • Field-centered equipment operation
  • Systems that have plans for automatic operations in the future


  • Field-centered equipment operation by high economic efficiency
  • Have expandability to build automation systems