Electrical Control

Gas Insulated Type용

Electrical Control for Overhead GAS Insulated LBS


  • It is an analog type control composed of electrical circuits without microprocessor, so it is used for local control and status checking for GAS insulated LBS installed on distribution networks, and to interface with LBS equipped with communication function such as RTU for remote control.

Main Functions

  • Supply DC 24V power to the RTU
  • Control voltage and phase for each phase on each Side
  • Indicate main contact position, gas status, and the locking lever status
  • The button for electrical open and closed control for the LBS
  • The switch for selecting control source and the switch for electrical lock
  • Local and remote battery tests, and terminals equipped for tests
  • Provide equipment status and voltage/current signals to the RTU for remote control, and operate LBS receiving control signals of the RTU
  • Door switch and RTU installation space
  • Space for modem installation
  • Equipped with two 12V SLA type batteries
  • Equipped with the step down transformer for power


  • Field-centered equipment operation
  • Systems that have plans for automatic operations in the future


  • Field-centered equipment operation by high economic efficiency
  • Have expandability to build automation systems

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