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BH100 Controller for Permanent Magnetic Actuator


  • A lot of energy must be instantly supplied to drive the Permanent Magnetic Actuator, and capacitors are used for this purpose.
  • In case of protection equipment performing reclose sequence, fast charging is required for their capacitors.
  • The BH100 PMA controller is composed of the DC/DC converter part to charge a capacitor and the output part to drive a permanent magnetic actuator by using the charged energy in the capacitor.


Item BH-PMA-100R
Input Range 15~38Vdc
Input Current 32A at 27Vdc
Output Voltage for charging Capacitor 127V/5.5.A
Output Voltage Adjustment Range 90~160Vdc
IGBT Output 1200V/120A at Tc=110ºC
Dimensions 286 x 154 x 55, excluding case

Main Functions

  • IGBT output contact point to drive opening and closing of the PMA
  • Monitor charge and slow charge for the Capacitors
  • Input control signals of the Control to operate IGBT output contact point
  • The indicator to indicate full charge for the capacitors


  • Use as a controller to drive the PMA built into the Recloser
  • Use as a controller to drive the PMA built into the Circuit Breaker of the RMU.

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