Test Set & Accessories

BR-10 Control Test

Test Set for BR-10S/SN Control


  • It is a testing device for the BR-10S series controls, and is used to check operations of the Control on sites.
  • The testing device and the Control are connected through a control cable, and additionally, AC Auxiliary supply is required.
  • It is a portable device with a robust structure for use on sites.

Main Functions

  • Set a position for main contact (Open/Closed)
  • Set the mechanical locking lever
  • Set gas status.
  • The switch for selecting a phase and the single-phase current generator with the knob for control current
  • On/Off switch for each phase and the single-phase voltage generator with the knob for control voltage
  • The switch for fault detection and auto-sectionalizing tests
  • The indicator to indicate current values


  • Use for routine inspections for the Control on sites
  • Use to confirm whether operations are normal after maintenance
  • Use to simulate the functions of the Load Break Switch


  • By using a dedicated tester instead of high cost devices, it can reduce the time for inspection and tests.
  • Since it is a relatively lightweight and robust device, it is advantageous for use on sites.

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  • A cable for connection and a power cable

※Caution The control cable connected between the test device and the control may be different depending on the standards of the Switch. When making connection, make sure to check compatibility first.