Test Set & Accessories

Test Set & Accessories

Test Set

  • Test sets are the devices used to check whether the controls are normally operating, perform maintenance, or simulate the operations of distribution networks when needed.
  • Test sets are possible not only to simulate the functions of distribution networks such as the Switch, the Recloser, and the Sectionalizer, but also to generate voltage and current of single phase without phase control.
  • It is a portable device with a robust structure for use on sites, and designed for easy-to-use.

Power Supply

  • It is possible to provide a variety of power supply depending on user demands.
  • It can be supplied not only the power supply which is high economic efficiency transformer type, but also the switching mode power supply to maintain constant operating speed for the switch with the motorized operating mechanism, or provide bigger outputs.
  • It can be provided various auxiliary power devices to supply power to user equipment.

Controller for Permanent Magnetic Actuator

  • The magnetic actuator used for the Recloser or the Circuit Breaker has different standards depending on manufacturers.
  • The PMA Controller of BH System can be applied to the various Reclosers or the Circuit Breakers.
  • Test Set & Accessories
  • Test Set & Accessories