Analog Type ALTS Control

BR-10AL Auto Load Transfer Switch(ALTS) Control


  • The BR-10AL ALTS Control is an analog type control installed together with the ALTS Switch, which is installed on medium voltage distribution networks, to perform functions such as measuring data for each line, monitoring the status of related equipment and distribution networks, detecting faults, and Automatic Load Transfer Scheme.

Main Functions

  • Measure three-phase voltage and current of each incoming line
  • Detect fault for each line
  • Select a preferred source (Source1/Source2)
  • Select an operation mode (Auto/Manual)
  • Set a source changing delay
  • Select auto return to default (Yes/No)
  • Indicate local control and status
  • Battery measuring terminal
  • Equipped with the timer for the setting of ALT operations.


  • Major customers that may not allow outages, such as hospitals
  • Lines and customers highly requiring reliability of power supply on loads through the dedicated ALT Switch


  • Through the fast Source Transfer Scheme, outage time is minimized and thus, supply reliability is improved dramatically.
  • It is possible to build systems economically.