Over Current Relay

C100DR Controller

C100DR Controller


  • It is the Controller to operate distribution automation equipment composed of four circuit breakers or switches on sites. It is mainly used as a control panel for local control and it indicates equipment status such as RMU. Also, it can provide equipment status to RTU through contact point, and it has a pass-through function that can operate Switches or breakers by receiving control output from the RTU.

Main Functions

  • Input Power: AC 110/220V, or user standards
  • Monitoring contact status for four circuits and status indication(Open, Closed, or Earthed)
  • Safety button(Open, Close) to operate breakers or switches of each circuit
  • Monitor a storage battery charging part, a storage battery, and power status as well as a battery test button
  • Select a storage battery separation time and indicate it
  • Indicate operation mode (Local/Remote) and selecting switch
  • Provide various information to the RTU, etc. by dry contact


  • Onsite operations for the equipment that includes RMU or multi-circuit such as underground switch
  • System establishment for the purpose of integration with automation systems in the future
  • By using together with the Relay to build a system to prevent faults on customers from spreading to trunk lines


  • It primarily aims of field-centered equipment operation, but it can be extended by additional devices such Relay.
  • Automatic operation is possible through the interface with separate RTU
  • It is possible to expand systems by stages, so it can share total input cost. It is possible to design a system in accordance with environments.

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