Over Current Relay

100DR Relay

100DR Dual Overcurrent Relay


  • It is the Relay that can perform protection operation on two distribution networks at the same time. It is equipped with one or more circuit breaker, and then it will be installed on equipment. The 100DR DOCR is not used alone, but is installed together with the C100DR Controller and operated for onsite operation and control, indicating the equipment status, and providing separate RTU and interface.

Main Functions

  • Input power: DC 24V
  • Phase and ground overcurrent protection for two circuits
  • Fault indicator and fault reset button for each phase
  • 4 * 20 LCD and four menu keys
  • Select operation (Enable/Disable) of protection elements
  • Support protection curves, TCC: IEC NI, EI, VI
  • One RS 232 port for Maintenance and RS 485 port for SCADA System
  • The operation program to check setting, status, and history data
  • Store the number of trips for each phase on each circuit.
  • Store total of 2,048 sequential events
  • Store fault current waves


  • Systems structured to perform protection operations for two distribution networks using one relay.
  • Systems using the equipment such as RMU for underground distribution networks to prevents faults on loads from spreading to lines


  • By performing protection for 2 distribution networks using 1 Relay, the purchase cost of equipment can be reduced.
  • By preventing faults on load sides from spreading to trunk lines, outage time and sections are reduced

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