BR-10A Auto Sectionalizing Switch Control


  • The BR-10A control is installed with the Sectionalizer on the medium voltage distribution network. The control is connected to the Switch through a control Cable, measures voltage and current on lines through the built-in voltage/current sensors in the Switch, and based on these values, generates various information. Furthermore, it is an integrated control for distribution automation with various built-in functions such as monitoring the equipment status, fault detection and line protection, battery management, and communication for remote monitoring/control.
  • It is equipped with auxiliary power and separate space for user device installation such as a modem. Therefore, initial costs can be saved when building a system
  • The BR-10A Control provides high user convenience and connectivity, and enables highly reliable system operation.

Main Functions

  • Fault Detection and Auto-sectionalizing
  • Inrush Restraint
  • Load shedding function by 3-stage voltage and frequency elements on alternate days
  • Monitor distribution networks and equipment status in real-time, and measure line data
  • Local and remote control, automatic battery management and test
  • Record various events and fault waves
  • Check the setting and status, and history data, the operating program to download F/W
  • Built-in DNP3.0 over serial/Ethernet, and IEC60870-5-101 Protocol
  • Support optional GSM/GPRS network and Ethernet-based Communication
  • GPS Interface for accurate time management
  • Equipped with the external indicator to check certain major status from the ground
  • Four-digit password security to restrict access to the Control


  • Use as a sectionalizer control on distribution automation system
  • Use as a protection device to automatically separate faults on line end or customers
  • Use as a switch control for load shedding


  • Through remote monitoring and control in real-time, highly effective and efficient system operation is achieved
  • Fast and highly reliable FDIR (Fault Detection Isolation Restoration) is realized.
  • Wide area outages caused by faults on lines or customers are prevented.
  • By using load Shedding function, power quality degradation is prevented.
  • Through fault detection and auto sectionalizing function, it contributes to minimizing outage time and outage sections.
  • It can reduce the number of operations of the Recloser or the circuit breaker, thereby it contributes to extending life span of this equipment.

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