• SF6 Gas Insulated Sectionalizer is operated by a motorized operating mechanism, and it simultaneously charges opening spring as well as closing operation when it is closed. Also, it is equipped with a spring-charged operating mechanism by low Energy for fast and accurate opening operation.
  • There are built-in voltage sensors in each phase on each side to measure line’ data in the Sectionalizer.
  • The field-proven driver is used, and it has reliable constant opening and closing time
  • By using materials with excellent electrical properties at the tulip type contact point, high mechanical and electrical operation characteristics, and stability are achieved.


Item Ratings
Applied Standard IEC 60265-1, ANSI C37.71
Rated Voltage(kV) 25.8kV
Rated Current(A) 400A
Rated Frequency(Hz) 60Hz
Rated Short-Time Current(kA) 12.5kA, 1sec
Rated Making Current(kAp) 32.5kA
Rated Power-frequency withstand Voltage(kV) 60kV
Impulse withstand Voltage(kV) 150kV
Operating Mechanism Motorized
Insulating Medium SF6
Bushing Material Porcelain or Silicone Rubber

Main Functions

  • Open/Closed for the main contact is electrically and mechanically possible.
  • A voltage sensor is built into each phase on each side to measure voltages.
  • A current sensor is built into each phase to measure currents.
  • The position indicator indicates the main contact position.
  • All operations can be inhibited using the locking lever.
  • For Gas Insulated type, an indicator to indicate gas pressure status is equipped. When gas low occurs, all electrical and manual operations are inhibited by the control.
  • The Sectionalizer and the Control are connected through a single cable.
  • An additional auxiliary contact is provided for the main contact position.
  • For Gas Insulated type, a gas emitting device is provided to prevent explosions when an internal arc occurs.
  • Installation frames or brackets are provided to enable single/double poles or frame mounting.


  • Use as a Switch to prevent faults at customers or line end from spreading to main distribution networks
  • Use as a Switch for load shedding to maintain constant power quality for distribution networks
  • Use as a Switch to make & break loads of customers or line end
  • Use as a Switch for auto-sectionalizing to separate fault sections from circuit breakers, Reclosers at substations, or distribution networks