• The Sectionalizer is distribution equipment installed on the medium voltage distribution network with protection devices such as the Recloser and the circuit breaker. It is a kind of open circuit switch which is used to isolate faulty sections from the system.
  • The Sectionalizer, unlike Load Break Switch, is composed of a driver that has fast opening operation, and due to this, it normally performs ‘open’ operation according to the set operation elements within instantaneous reclosing intervals of the Recloser.
  • When faults occur on lines, protection equipment operate according to the preset protection elements, and the sectionalizer automatically separates fault sections from systems when the number of operations of these equipment reach the set loss of voltage or the number of over-voltage breaking. Through these operations by the Sectionalizer, the Recloser succeeds in reclosing operation, and the source side of the Sectionalizer restores normal status.
  • The sectionalizer is installed together with the LBS and the Recloser, and through subdivided fault section detection and separation, minimizes power outage sections.
  • This equipment is the most core devices along with the Recloser and the LBS when it comes to improve supply reliability to customers and build automation systems.
  • The Control is divided into integrated type, non-communicating compact type, and A.S.S control for KEPCO, depending on an application.
  • Sectionalizer