BR-10R Recloser Control


  • The BR-10R Control is an integrated control installed with the automatic circuit recloser on the overhead medium voltage distribution network to perform many functions such as measuring data and monitoring the status, fault detection and protection, monitoring the status of relevant equipment, communication, and battery management for distribution network.
  • It is equipped with separate space for installation and auxiliary power for user, and these functions provide cost reduction when building systems, high user convenience and connectivity, and enable highly reliable system operation

Main Functions

  • Directional phase and ground O/C, SEF, and negative O/C
  • High current trip and lockout, and under voltage protection
  • Up to four shot reclosing, and 39 built-in TCC and four setting groups
  • Hot Line Tag and Single Shot Protection
  • Inrush restraint and Cold Load Pickup
  • Monitor distribution network status in real-time, measure data, and monitor the status of relevant equipment
  • Local and remote control, and perform automatic battery management
  • Record various events and fault waves
  • The operating program for setting and checking various status, checking history data, and downloading F/W
  • DNP3.0, IEC60870-5-101 Protocol
  • Support optional GSM/GPRS network and Ethernet-based communication
  • The external indicator to check certain major status from the ground
  • Password security to restrict access to the Control
  • Built-in permanent magnetic actuator controller and the capacitor


  • Use as a Control for the circuit breaker at substations
  • Use as a protection device to protect distribution networks that can directly break faults according to the set reclose sequence
  • Use it in the System that requires remote management through the distribution automation system
  • Use it on the lines that requires more detailed protection regarding line faults, in connection with the Sectionalizer or the Auto Section Switch
  • Use as a protection device for the lines where multiple power is supplied such as distributed power


  • For line faults, high reliable FDIR (Fault Detection Isolation Restoration) is realized through more accurate and active protection operation.
  • Through the remote management in distribution automation systems, the integrated operation of the equipment is achieved.
  • Outage time and sections can be minimized through the establishment of a comprehensive distribution network protection system by operating in connection with Sectionalizer, auto sectionalizing switch, and Recloser.

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