• Automatic Circuit Recloser for overhead lines is divided into SF6 or solid insulated type depending on an insulation method.
  • The Recloser is equipped with voltage and current sensors to monitor the status of the distribution networks and perform protection operations. For voltage sensors, they are basically installed on each side.
  • The Recloser is structured to be operated by a driver with a single permanent magnetic actuator, and guarantees operation reliability as well as constant opening and closing time.
  • The vacuum interrupter and the insulator being used are highly reliable products that have been sufficiently field-tested for their performances.
  • For solid insulated recloser, Hydrophobic cycloaliphatic epoxy is used as an insulator.
  • All electronic components are included in the control cubicle for reliability and easy maintenance.


Ratings 12kV 24kV 36kV
Applied Standard ANSI/IEEE Std. C37.60, or IEC 62271-111
Rated Voltage(kV) 17.5 27 38
Rated Current(A) 630 / 800 630 630 / 800
Rated Frequency(Hz) 60/50 60/50 60/50
Rated Short-Time Current(kA) 16,1 / 1 or 3sec 16,1 / 1 or 3sec 16,1 / 1 or 3sec
Rated Making Current(kAp) 40 40 40
Rated Power-frequency withstand Voltage(kV) 50 60 70
Impulse withstand Voltage(kV) 110 150 180
Mechanical Endurance(times) 10,000 10,000 10,000
Insulating Medium SF6 gas / Solid
Operating Mechanism Manual and Permanent Magnetic Actuator
Bushing Material Polymeric / Epoxy

Main Functions

  • Open/Closed for the main contact is electrically possible.
  • Manual trip operation is possible, and manual closing is available by option.
  • For voltage measurement, voltage sensors are built into each phase on each side.
  • To measure currents, current sensors are built into each phase.
  • The position indicator indicates the main contact position.
  • For Gas Insulated type, gas pressure status is shown on the indicator. When gas low occurs, all electrical operations are inhibited by the control. However, all manual control are allowed all the time.
  • When tripping through the manual tripping lever, all operations are inhibited until the lever returns.
  • The Recloser and the Control are connected through a single cable.
  • An additional auxiliary contact is provided for the main contact position.
  • For Gas Insulated Recloser, the gas emitting device is provided to prevent explosions when an internal arc occurs.
  • Installation frames or brackets are provided to enable single/double pole or frame mounting.


  • Use as a protection equipment to protect distribution networks or substations
  • Use as a circuit breaker in a system requiring line protection and automatic loop restoration
  • Use as a circuit breaker for Load Shedding to maintain constant power quality
  • Use as a circuit breaker for ATS to minimize outage time for major customers and loads