• The BR-10 series Recloser Control, which is connected to automatic circuit recloser, is installed on the medium voltage distribution network. The Recloser Control, through the built-in voltage and current sensors of the Recloser, performs monitoring, fault detection, and protection function on distribution networks. Furthermore, utilities, by using separate communication networks and automation system, can remotely monitor and control the equipment.
  • The Recloser is installed at substations or distribution networks, and if fault currents are detected on installation points, it will clear the fault by operating according to the TCC characteristics.
  • As the Recloser is equipment that directly breaks faults occurred on lines so that it prevents faults from spreading to source sides, it is a protection device that performs the most important role in protecting the distribution networks.
  • These are the most core equipment together with the LBS in improving supply reliability in the whole distribution network and building automation system.
  • The LBS or the sectionalizer performs fault detection or auto-sectionalizing function by detecting the operations of the Recloser.
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