Load Break Switch


BR-10SN Automatic Switch Control


  • The BR-10SN control is an advanced model of the BR-10S Control that is installed on medium voltage distribution network with the Load Break Switch or the Sectionalizer.
  • The BR-10SN control has separate composition of a Controller and a surge protection module to protect this controller, which is separated from the controller. Therefore, it reduces controller damage caused by surge or others, and maintenance can be performed easily.
  • The BR-10SN Control has a separate output to drive a trip coil. Therefore, it is possible to connect to distribution equipment that has a separate trip coil, such as the Sectionalizer.
  • The BR-10SN Control has auxiliary input / output point, buttons, and indicators that can be used according to the user purpose.

Main Functions

  • The Functions of the BR-10S Control
  • Directional fault detection, and Auto-sectionalizing
  • Alternate settings and four operating groups
  • Load Shedding, and Automatic reclosing
  • Auxiliary DI/DO points & indicators
  • IEC 60870-5-104 and DNP3.0 over Ethernet
  • EIA 232, EIA 485, and Ethernet port for SCADA System
  • Optional GPS and Bluetooth interface, and EIA 485 Port
  • Serial communication-based optional Automatic Source Transfer function
  • Support simultaneous connection of SCADA System and the operating program to Ethernet port


  • The same application areas as the BR-10S Control
  • Systems that are composed of communication networks based on Ethernet
  • Main customers requiring ATS functions that use two distribution networks
  • Customers requiring automatic re-supply of power when power quality is recovered


In addition to the effects gained by applying BR-10S Control

  • Outage time on main customers is minimized through ATS function
  • By supporting various communication networks depending on the local conditions, the cost to build systems can be reduced and the system reliability can be improved.
  • By adding an automatic reclosing function to the Load Shedding, system management cost can be reduced, and active power quality can be achieved.

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