Load Break Switch


BR-10S Automatic Switch Control


  • The BR-10S Control is installed with the Load Break Switch or the Sectionalizer on the medium voltage distribution network. The control is connected to the Switch through a control cable and measures voltages and currents on lines through built-in voltage/current sensors, based on these values, various information are generated. Also, it is an integrated control for distribution automation, which is embedded with various functions such as status monitoring, fault detection and line protection, battery management, and communication for remote monitoring/control for equipment.
  • It is equipped with auxiliary power and separate installation space for user devices such as modems. Therefore, initial costs can be saved when building a system.
  • The BR-10S Control provides high user convenience and connectivity, and enables highly reliable system operation.

Main Functions

  • Fault detection and Auto-sectionalizing
  • Monitor distribution networks and equipment status in real-time, and measure lines’ data
  • Local and remote control for the LBS
  • Battery management and automatic routine checks on battery status
  • Record sequential events, demand profile, and fault waves
  • Calculate and generate various information based on voltage and current phasors
  • Check the setting and status, and history data, provide the operation program for F/W Update.
  • Equipped with serial-based DNP3.0 and IEC60870-5-101 protocol
  • Support optional GSM/GPRS network and Ethernet-based communication
  • Support SMS-based status monitoring and control by using user’s mobile devices
  • Equipped with the external indicator to check certain major status from the ground
  • Four-digit password security that restricts access to the Control


  • Use as the LBS (Load Break Switch) control in distribution automation system
  • Use as a protection device to separate fault sections automatically
  • Installed with the Recloser, use it for detection of subdivided fault section and separation
  • Use as equipment to prevent faults on customers or line end from spreading to the whole distribution network


  • Through remote monitoring and control in real-time, highly effective and efficient system operation are achieved.
  • Fast and highly reliable FDIR (Fault Detection Isolation Restoration) is realized.
  • Wide area outages caused by faults on lines are prevented.
  • Through fault detection and auto sectionalizing function, it contributes to minimizing outage time and outage sections.

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