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Load Break Switch


The BR-10S control is installed in combination with the polemount load break switch on MV overhead distribution lines. It is connected to the polemount load break switch through a control cable, and measures and calculates various electrical quantities through voltage and current sensors built into the switch. In addition, it is an integrated control device for distribution automation that has various functions such as monitoring the status of the connected switch and line, detecting line fault, battery management, and communication for remote operation.

The BR-10S control provides a separate installation space for user’s devices such as modems, and auxiliary DC supply to reduce the initial cost when building the automation system.

The BR-10S control provides users with high operational convenience and connectivity, and users can improve system reliability through these controls.

Key Features


Used as a control to remotely operate the polemount load break switch in distribution automation system.

Used as a control for the polemount load break switch to implement auto-sectionalizing function on overhead distribution lines.

Used as a control for the polemount load break switch to detect more segmentalized faulty sections in conjunction with upstream reclosers.

Used as a control to monitor and control the polemount load break switch remotely using SMS transmission function.


More efficient operation of distribution lines through real-time remote monitoring and control.

Fast and highly reliable FDIR implementation by being integrated into distribution automation systems.

Minimize outage duration and section through fault detection and auto-sectionalizing function.

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